Help-Portrait Vancouver EVENT DATE: December 2, 2023

Help-Portrait Vancouver
BC Children’s Hospital

On Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010, we had the privilege of holding an event at BC Children’s Hospital for terminally ill patients and their families. It was an amazing experience! Our first little boy wanted to come meet us all as we were having a meeting with Diane Hart, Director of Child Life Deptarment. Kade walked in proud, donning a shirt and tie, a vest, and dress pants, telling all of us in the room that his favourite person was Mr. Bean and he dressed up like him. He took all of our breath away as he very visibly was going through treatments in the hospital; though his huge smile didn’t show it. Kade set the tone for the rest of the day.

We welcomed 25 patients and their families through our doors. All of the moms and girls had their makeup and hair done. The staff at the hospital lit up with joy every time they saw a patient or family member all dolled up. It was a day full of smiles, playing peek-a-boo, laying on the ground to photograph a baby giggling, painting skull tattoos, making up moms who hadn’t thought about makeup in years, and having patients feel special.

Check out Steve Tan’s video of the day


Makeup Artists & Hair Stylist

(Blanche McDonald Centre)

Arne Gulstene
Bernard Ng
Ian Sheh
Leigh Culpin
Michael Moore
Tony Mah

Videographer & Editor
Steve Tan

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